Saturday, 15 September, 2012

Quilled Earrings... Gehnaa

Hiiee Everyone....

M back again.... :)

This time with our Quilled Earrings...!! I would really like to thank Pritesh Ananth Krishnan for her 'Jewel thief' which inspired us to make the earrings too...!

 This is my very first piece of earring. I made this almost a month ago while I was just watching some FB profile of Quillers and  came to know that people make earrings too...!! And I was pleasantly surprised to see that... & thought of giving it a chance myself...
And here it is.... :)

Then last week we did not want to take any big project in hand due to Teju's studies so we decided to make earrings...

Cream & brown

      Black and Sky blue Triangle :)

Pink and white Beehive

Orange and black squares

This is my favourite....!! Just love the colors together... :)

Done using Crimper...

Red & White circles

Orange and black
 Blue and orange malasian flower

Star shaped brown and cream
 Blue and white

Yellow and blue...

All these are for sale and we can customize these as per your requirement.

Many more to come..... :) :)

For any price or order related queries please mail us at

Tanu & Teju


  1. All are very unique! I especially love the stars! I am curious as to how you made their shape and kept it when sealing it? Beautiful work!

    1. I am really sorry to reply so late but I could not find the link the tut from where I learned to makae the stars... Here it is

  2. Wow pretty awesome creations.


  3. questi orecchini sono molto carini , brava se ti va passa da me www.metalfimo2.blogspot.

  4. Such an awesome collection! Thank you so much for following my blog
    Dr Sonia

    1. Thank You Dr. Sonia...!! I am honored... :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot Pritesh... Coming from you it Means a lot for us... :) :)