Friday, 7 September, 2012

2 Handmade frames for 2 Birthdays

Hi Again...

This is my second blog and that too so late after the first one..
Told you I am Lazy.. ;)

Anyways this time me & Teju made Frames from handmade paper.. :D Actually Teju made it... & i just helped her... We were inspired to do it after seeing Inna's how to on making paper frame

So first of all Thank you Inna for that lovely tutorial on the frame.

It was Teju's Dad's Birthday for which she made a frame with "World's Best Dad" written on it with monogram quilling and a picture of him.

 Making the frame took most of the time as the handmade paper we used was not behaving as we expected... It was not sticking properly at the corners so we had to hold it from both the sides..
After that she stuck on it printed words and her Dad's Pic.

 Bordered the words and using the crimper decorated the photo as well.
After a lot of thought she decided to use regular coiling technique for filling up the words...

 Added a flower to the sides and woohoo....!!! It was done...

She let it dry and then wrapped it with clear wrapping cellophane paper which will protect it from dust etc.
So it looks like this on completion... :) Her Dad liked it...!! We are Happy :D :D

The other frame was made for Teju's cute niece Kaavya, here are the pictures of the making... ;)

 Teju made the collage of Kaavya's pictures and got it printed,

Then she made this frame... and handed it over to me for completing.
 As there was not much space remaining on the frame after pasting the picture I was confused as in what to do in so less space.

Finally I made 4 flowers on the corners... but it was still looking empty... :(

 I racked my brains and finally made these green petals/leaves...
Wrapped it again with the cellophane paper...

Hope you'll like them... :))

Once again huge thanks Inna for the inspiration...!!!

Love Quilling,
Tanu & Teju

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