Thursday, 13 September, 2012

Mirror Frame Decoration

Hellosss... :)

I so love coming Back [Just need to be a bit regular though ;)]

Anyways today I am going to share our work of decorating our Mirror which we named Mirror frame.. :)

And these days it has become the most attractive thing in our Room...!!!

So to make this we decided to use the cone design & some squares.. 

Making the cones of same shape was a difficult task and we could not do it.. :( Still tried hard for it...
Then we made some squares and stick both of them on the handmade paper strips that we cut earlier according to the size of our mirror.

Stuck the the completed dried strips on the wall framing the mirror...

And Viola....!!! Our mirror Looks amazing... :)

Tanu & Teju 

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely project at Anything goes, Just keep on creating.
    Sorry it has taken so long to leave a comment. Just to let you know that the challenges are up and running again so hope you will continue to play along.