Friday, 24 August, 2012

How I met Quilling.... :)

Hey Guys,
This is my First ever blog post... And i am sure i will continue with it... :) 
Well let me introduce myself Tanushri & my friend Tejaswini who is the driving force behind all this quiiling that both of us have been doing ( As i m very lazy ;)
So she was pestering me for writing the blog since long but I have been ignoring her... But i think i should start now... Finally ;)

Let me tell you all how we stumbled upon this... Almost 2 years ago while shopping for stationary we found a quilling kit & bought it on impulse, came back home & made some photo frames from it... And we fell in Love with Quilling Instantly...!

Here are my first frames... my first quillling project... :)


And here are Tejaswini's Frames:


Then we made a beautiful scrapbook for Teju's Sister...

Here are a few pictures of it...
At that time we had no idea that we can get ideas from internet...So we scratched our heads and did everything on our own...Using the basic shapes...

And it turned out really Beautiful...!!!


By the end of this project we were Very Exhausted... Plus both of us got somewhat busy in our Jobs so we took a break from Quilling... 

Tejaswini did few projects in between but I was so out of everything...
But then I happened to Stumble upon the Quilling again through internet and saw the whole world doing it...!!!
We were so inspired by all the things that we saw that we again started it...!!! 
And so here we are....!!

Hope You all like my first attempt at blogging....!!! 
Please comment and inspire us more.... :D

Tanu & Teju